Fear of Living

We all have a free will to be whatever we want to be. When we are young we dream big and we think that all things are possible.

As we are growing up negative influences start to bring doubt and hesitation into our minds. We hear things like, “I tried something like that once, but it didn’t work.”

We still have dreams and ambitions but they become shrouded by the fear of living. They become daydreams of how we would like our life to be.

My friend and I attended a morning tea, the average age was about mid-sixties. Everyone was friendly and chatted with each other. As I listened to the conversations around the table, both men and women spoke about their experiences in life.

I was surprised how many of them would have liked to have had different jobs or lifestyles but had been held back by the influences of others. Some spoke about changes they would have liked to make in their field, while others were told that their different ideas wouldn’t work.

Listening to their stories, I realized that life is too short to be wasted on what others think.

We are all individuals; it is ok to be different from those around us.

Whatever you don’t like about yourself you can change. This does not mean you have to change or should want to change because others think you should.

You are your own person; you are whatever you believe yourself to be.

Too often, we wait for permission not realising that the only one that gives us permission is ourselves.

Stepping out in life can be uncomfortable but it is always worthwhile.

You can be and do anything you want, it may not be easy but it is possible. The possibility is all you need as well as your desire to make it happen.

You don’t need to impress anyone else.

For everyone that you think doesn’t understand you and your ways, there will be others that will. Keep exploring the world and you will meet them.

We hear the clock ticking and it’s ticking off seconds of the life that is passing us by.

We might think we have left our run too late we should have done it when we were younger.

We have all gone through the; should’ve, would’ve and could’ve.

Don’t be an ‘if only’ person, procrastination stems from fear of living.

Often so many people spend their later years looking back and wishing that they had done some of the things they wanted to, but the fear of living the life they wanted to held them back.

Regretting the time they wasted, when they should have given it ago.

Now is the time to start, if you are not sure of the steps, rest assured you will work it out as you go. The bigger vision can help you step out of your comfort zone into the future you desire.

Life can be a wonderfully happy and exciting experience; don’t let the fear of living happen to you.

Do something today to create the life you want, be the incredible person you were created to become.

Experience the deep satisfaction which comes with listening to our heart and creating a better life full of passion and purpose.

Don’t end up like many of those regretful people at the morning tea.

Live your life to the fullest.

– Nancy.

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