we all make mistakes in life

We all make mistakes

“A person, who never made a mistake, never tried anything new.”
– Albert Einstein.

I know that I have made many mistakes in my lifetime, like most people I paid out on myself. Each mistake has its own reaction, embarrassment, annoyance, regret or just feeling stupid for not knowing better, and I have experienced all of them.

We all make decisions on what we think we should do. Sometimes these decisions turn out well, and we are pleased with ourselves, but if the decision turns out badly, we pay out on ourselves and call it a mistake.

We never really know what the outcome of our decisions will be, yet if we never take a risk, we will never advance in life. If we play it safe and not step out of our comfort zone, we end up looking back on our life with regrets.

When we make mistakes that effect or hurt other people, it is important to acknowledge the mistake and apologise. One of the greatest lessons we learn from making mistakes is forgiveness. It is also just as important to forgive others that make mistakes that affect us.

When I look back at some of the bigger mistakes that I’ve made, I realise that from that mistake I learned an awful lot. If we accept each mistake as a lesson to be learned, forgive ourselves, then we can grow and move on to better things.

Problems are never solved by paying out on ourselves. Many of us have wasted time, watching mental videos of our past mistakes and reliving them over and over.
Next time you make a mistake take the time to think about it, that does not mean dwelling on it and paying out on yourself. We all can make mistakes when we are tired.

Ask yourself, what did you learn from that mistake?

Our mistakes can be a life lesson if we take the time to accept that we all make mistakes, it is human. When we make mistakes either in our personal life or our business life, accept the situation and look at how we could have improved the problem. Think of ways that we can make amends take ownership, and work towards a better outcome.

I like to think that I am using all that negative energy that comes when we make mistakes and put it to good use working out a solution.

We can not only learn from our own mistakes we should learn from the mistakes of others as well. We then gain valuable experience which lasts with us forever.
Don’t allow our mistakes to take control of us; mistakes are things we have done they are not who we are.

With every trial and error, we learn more about ourselves and our capabilities to succeed in life. All the great discoveries that have been achieved were the result of sometimes years of mistakes made by dedicated people that would not give up.
Like Alexander Fleming’s accidental discovery of penicillin.

We need to alter our direction of thinking by keeping an open and flexible mind.
Mistakes are like stepping stones on which we all build the foundation of our lives.

– Nancy

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