living in the moment

Living in the Moment

When we live in the moment, it means being conscious, aware and in the present with all our senses. It means not dwelling in the past, as well as not being anxious or worrying about the future.

When you live in the moment, you are living where life is happening. The past and the future are illusions, they don’t exist.

Living in the moment, means that we don’t get stuck in the past or the future, so that neither, is getting in the way of experiencing what is actually happening in our lives at the present time.

This liberates us from the baggage that can get in our way.

When we concentrate our attention on the present we focus on the task at hand.

Living in the moment doesn’t mean erasing the past or thinking that it’s not important, as we are the result of every experience and relationship that we have ever had.

Nor does it mean that we should walk blindly into the future and ignoring our dreams and plans.

So often we let the moments slip by, I was at a private garden show and I watched my friend rushing around the garden taking photos. As we were leaving she said, “One day I’d like to come back here, and just enjoy my time looking around.”

She was there, but she let the moment pass her by, if only she had taken the time to look around her and smell the roses.

We need to become aware of being alive, breathe, and as we focus on the art of breathing, it is at this moment we are living in the moment. It is not a destination. This is it, we are already here.

I remember the first time that I travelled overseas, I was in London and we visited the Tower of London. As I looked around, suddenly I had this great awareness that I was inside the Tower of London. I thought about all the many people that had been there over the years, and for that time I was definitely living in the moment. It was an amazing feeling.

As I travelled around Europe, I kept that feeling of awareness and the memories of that trip are still with me today. I enjoyed each day, by getting the most out of my surroundings and savouring my time in the present moment.

Living in the moment is also paying attention to our surroundings and the people with us. When others are talking, listen to the conversation and be part of that time spent with them. Too often people are looking at their phone or are distracted by other things.

If you take the time to go there, be there.

Time is our most valuable possession, this I realise more so now that I am getting older. Therefore, it is important to do things in the most time effective way.

I read this anonymous quote;’ Every new day is a chance to change your life.’

Relaxing and living life to the fullest, means taking time, to live in the moment.

I thought I would finish with a quote from Leo Tolstoy:

‘Remember then, there is only one time that is important. Now! It is the most important time because it is the only time when we have any power.’

– Nancy.



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