The Things That Can Hold Us Back

We all have hopes and dreams for something better in our lives. Many thoughts go through our minds of things we would like to have or things we would like to do.  We tend to dwell on them for a while but rarely do anything about them.

We can get lost in the moment and deviate from our aim in life. What I have learned is that writing down your goals and looking at them every day helps to keep you on track.

Doing things we dislike can be physically, mentally and emotionally draining. Whether it is our job or perhaps the place we live, we need to free ourselves and seriously start to enjoy the things that affect us.

Too many people spend their time dwelling in the past, reliving failures, bad experiences or looking back on what might have been. Sometimes we avoid trying because we fear failing. But, if we look at past failures as lessons we become stronger in ourselves.

We tend to play it safe sometimes. By being too comfortable we become stagnate letting life pass us by. We get swept away by the worldly distractions around us, losing who we really are.

To get the most out of life we need to choose what is most important to us. A goal without a plan is just a wish.

Your goals define who you really are. When you know what you want, you can follow our own path. If we stay true to ourselves and the things we want in life, they will happen in time.

Just don’t give up.

We all have the ‘if only’ regrets in our lives. If only I was better educated, saved more, worked harder, was more health conscious, younger, older, these are just a few.

We are our worst enemy when it comes to procrastination, it is not only a time waster it is a life waster. Make every day of our lives interesting and enjoyable.

Look at today and begin to work on the things you want in your life now, don’t make today another ‘if only’.

If we think about the things you enjoy doing regardless if you are good at them or not. Being an amateur should not stop you from trying. Maybe your passion is writing, cooking or gardening. Whatever it is, give it a try. Learn more about it, and find others that like doing the same things.

It does not matter what age we are, we must never let anything inside or anyone else hold us back from living a life that is happy and fulfilling.

I believe that life is too short and that we need to take hold of our hopes for the future. This helps us to live life to the fullest.

– Nancy

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