A nothing-to-do day

Have you ever had a ‘nothing-to-do’ day?’

Well for the first time in a long while, I’m having one.

Let me set the scene, my son and his wife live with me, and there is always something happening around the house so that each day seems to fly by. This week, my son and his wife have gone on a cruise for nine days. At first, having more time to myself, I began planning what I wanted to, people to contact and places to go.

Then today started off like any other, with the usual breakfast and tidying up around the house. I thought about what I needed to do today, but to my surprise, everything was done.

Then I thought about what I wanted to do and nothing came to mind. I rang a few friends but no one was home, turned on the television but there was nothing of interest. Finally, I decided to have a coffee and relax in the garden and listen to nature, it was a lovely sunny day.

I was feeling drowsy when suddenly my brain went into overdrive. All the things I had put on the back burner for a later date, were flashing through my head.

Really, I didn’t feel like doing any of those things.

I began to think about the times when I was very busy and wished I didn’t have anything to do, just relax. I thought about the many people who say they have nothing to do, and how we envy them. Then, there were those, who felt that they couldn’t be bothered in doing anything. Maybe I was turning into one of them!

I realised that having ‘a nothing to do day’ is not my ideal situation. Time drags on and, for me, thereis no satisfaction or enjoyment in not doing anything at all. I was over it.

I made myself a nice lunch and sorted some of the things out that I had kept on the back burner.

My nothing-to-do day’ turned out to be a busy afternoon and I have planned my next few days when I’ll be alone so that the time will pass quickly and my son and his wife will be home.

So why am I writing this blog?

Because I realised that we can either be content to just exist, or we can make each day a pleasurable experience. Every day is important in my life, and I need to make the best of it.

There are times when we really have nothing that needs to be done, then that is the time when we should think of others. There are many people that would be glad of a helping hand, some are lonely, and we can make a difference in their life, even if it is only to chat with them.

I’m sharing this because my ‘nothing-to-do day’ made me realise that life is too short. Life is too precious to waste. I have so many wonderful things that I still need to do in my life. Places to go, things to create, and wonderful people to be with and some that I have yet to meet.

I am sure that like me you have great plans for yourself as well.

– Nancy

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