Freedom & Discipline

Discipline protects freedom: Freedom without discipline is like a country without defence.

Quite often these two things are viewed as opposites. In my opinion, they go hand in hand. For both of these things to go hand in hand, there has to be an awareness within us, love in our heart and righteousness in our actions.

I was brought up in a loving yet strict family environment I and my siblings were taught right from wrong from a very early age. This did not stop us from developing our own personalities, enjoying a happy childhood or becoming responsible adults.

When I became a mother, I brought my children up the same way. I feel the results of this, has made us all a close and loving family.

Do I believe in discipline? Yes I do. As long as it is consistent and fair. What I mean by that statement is, that if you set rules they must always remain the same. One cannot have rules for one day and not the next, and they must apply to everyone who resides in that home.

Discipline gives us the control to do what is right for those around us, and so that, we can live in harmony with our family, friends and neighbours.

Do I believe in freedom? Yes I do. It is something that I value very highly. Having the freedom to grow and develop both mentally and physically, allowing us to stand up for what is right.

It gives us the ability to form our own opinions, and to be able to speak the truth without fear or prejudice.

I think that I owe it to the younger generation growing up, to be a mentor to show them by my example the proper way to conduct themselves in this ever changing world of ours. By teaching them, that true freedom comes from understanding and caring about the feelings of others.

Freedom and discipline allows us to understand the social, educational and emotional reasons why we make the choices in life that we do.

We all have the freedom to work hard and achieve to whatever levels in life we aspire to, but it takes self-discipline.

After attending a concert and listening to a famous violinist playing. A man went up and shook the violinist’s hand and said, “I would give anything to be able to play that violin like you.”

The violinist smiled and answered, “My friend if you practiced and did all that I do, you could.”

The freedom of choice and the discipline of persistence is what can make us great, if we are willing to put in the effort.

I am lucky that I live in a country that allows us to have freedom of choice. A life without choices is not a life we are designed to want to make choices, right or wrong, large or small because choice is the true essence of freedom.

Having discipline of our mind and of our time brings freedom to us in so many ways.

Discipline has given me the freedom to achieve the type of life that I want to lead.

– Nancy

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