The Comfortable Chair

All our life we seek comfort.

We each have a comfortable chair where we like to sit and relax, and let the worries of the world fade away, as we settle into our favourite pastime.

Reading, listening to music or just enjoying the peace and quiet, with our feet up and our favourite beverage. Sounds great!

That comfortable chair can be our pride and joy, a place where we look forward to relaxing and just letting time stand still.

I was chatting with my neighbour , and she mentioned to me she was feeling down. She told me that her family were taking her for granted.

She sighed and said “I feel like a comfortable chair; I’m there when they need me, otherwise they are busy doing their thing and I’m not needed or even noticed.”

I thought about the fact that she had described herself as a comfortable chair

My thoughts about a ‘comfortable chair’ took on a new meaning. It was something we like to have when we need it, but is something we give little thought to otherwise.

She had put her life on hold for her family, and was being taken for granted.

I asked her if she had some special thing she would like to do, or a special place she would like to see.

She smiled and replied, “Yes I would like to travel and I used to enjoy going to musicals with my sister.”

“You should ring her and arrange to go to one with her.” I suggested.

She nodded.

Often when we retire the ‘comfortable chair’ becomes our haven, and it is great for a while but we tend to lose interest in the life around us.

Sometimes, that comfortable chair can become our prison, all the things we did before seem to go into the too hard pile.

We can become complacent, and with nothing to inspire us, we just exist in our comfortable environment.

So we start to procrastinate, we know we should get on with that project we started, and of course there is the exercise we are always going to do. We gradually start lose the zest for life we once had.

There is an old saying: ‘if you don’t use it use lose it’.

Many people spend their working life looking forward to their retirement, when they will be free to do and see all the things they have planned. Sadly so many people retire not only from their employment, but from life in general.

I think that is fine to relax in comfort, as long as we do not lose sight of living our life and enjoying the time we have on this earth.

Looking after ourselves, gives us the energy and drive to try new things, like doing something completely out of the ordinary.

Make life count by getting out of that comfortable chair. Plan a trip with a friend to somewhere new; that is all it takes to make the most out of life.

Life is too short, make the most of it.

Don’t spend too long lingering in the ‘comfortable chair’.

– Nancy

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