Discipline, Love, and Communication.

As a child, my siblings and I were reared by parents that believed in discipline. We were told right from wrong. We were also taught the consequences of our actions.

Each one of us knew and were told each day that we were loved.
As a parent, I reared my children in the same way.

I believe that discipline is an integral part of a child’s happiness and well-being. I believe that it is important to set clear boundaries and consequences and to be consistent with them.

I was a scout leader, for twenty-four boys between the ages of eight and eleven, to run a successfully functioning pack, where the boys could learn and have fun, required discipline. Not only on the part of the boys but also amongst the leaders.

I learned an interesting lesson during that time, and I would like to share it with you.

There were two boys in my pack, both aged nine, and they became good friends.

Paul was the youngest child; his siblings were all at least ten years older than him. His parents loved him; they believed in discipline and were very strict with him.

Peter was the youngest as well; he had a sister three years older than him. His parents didn’t believe in discipline, as they felt it crushed a child’s ability to develop. They were also loving parents to their children.

When Peter went to Paul’s home, he was subject to the same discipline as his friend. Peter enjoyed going to Paul’s home.

One day, Peter came to me and told me that he was sad because his’ parents didn’t love him’. When I asked him why he thought that, his answer surprised me.

“They don’t care what I do, not like Paul’s Mum and Dad.”

Peter was unhappy and resentful of his friend Paul who he thought had parents who cared and wanted him to be the best.

I told Peter his parents did love him; they just had a different way of showing it.

We all live by rules, those set by the countries we live in. Moral rules are for our safety and to help us live well with others.

Some rules we choose to abide by for ourselves as individuals.

Today, as a grandmother and great grandmother, I still believe in discipline, I know that we all have to understand that discipline and love, and very importantly, communication must go hand in hand.

Especially today, when a child’s life is not as sheltered as it was in my day.
I think it is essential to give those in our care the best we can by teaching them that there are rules and standards we have to abide to.

In my opinion, it does not stunt our creativity nor our ability to be successful in life. It makes for a better world with respect and understanding of others.

– Nancy.

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