Let us strive for gold

Let Us Strive For Gold

Spending time in lock-down because of the coronavirus has given me the opportunity and time to watch the Paralympic games in Tokyo.

It is amazing how these men and women have overcome their disabilities to become world class athletes.

Watching their determination and dedication to do their best for their country, is an inspiration to me and I hope to many others as well. 

Sometimes in life, and especially in the current conditions we live in, it can be easy to complain or feel sorry for ourselves.

As I watched the Paralympics, I realized that the athletes also are faced with the coronavirus and the lockdown limitations, yet they focus on the positive and find ways to over come the difficulties they are faced with.

These courageous men and women face their adversities head on, and still aim to be the best that they can be. Their striving for Olympic gold takes years of preparation, hard work, and self-sacrifice just to be able to qualify.

Watching these athletes helped me gain a new perspective, and I believe that at times we all need to focus on something beyond our current situation. By taking time to look at these men and women, I have found that I was inspired to be and do more. And it all comes down to the attitude to life we choose.

There is an old saying “If it is meant to be, then it is up to me.” I believe this a great way to think about our current situation and find ways to move forward.

In our own ways, let us also strive for our own ‘gold’. Maybe if we do that, we can become an inspiration to others. Just like the Paralympians and we can aim to make this world a better and happier place for us all.


3 thoughts on “Let Us Strive For Gold

  1. I have also been watching the Paralympics, and I agree with you that they really inspire you to do better in our lives. Thanks for your motivational thoughts Nancy. At 86, you are an inspiration too!


  2. As you said: “In our ways, let us also strive for our own ‘gold’. Maybe if we do that, we can become an inspiration to others.“
    Everyone has only one chance to come into this world. Everyone should be their unique self, and we need to admit that no one in this world is perfect. Just as every participant in the Paralympic Games is worth learning from each of us, we have healthy bodies. Why should we not be self-disciplined?


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