Writing My Story

I live in Sydney and I have been in lock-down for the last 12 weeks, because of the Corona virus. For the past year, Australia has remained relatively free of the virus, but as of June this year, we have also had to lock-down to keep ourselves safe.

I am fortunate that my son and his family are here with me, and even though we are fully vaccinated, we are unable to visit family nor have family visit us.

During this time, I realised I needed something to occupy my days, and to keep me focused. 

About a month ago, I decided to write out my life story, going back 86 years to my birth. This writing project was a way to recall a lot of my experiences and life lessons, and it has kept me feeling energised during the lock-down for the past few months.

My earliest memories began from the age of five years old.

As I went through the years, I was amazed how many things I have to remember: the good, the bad, the sad and the happy times. There are many people who have come and gone during my life time, and have fashioned my life and helped to make into the person I am today. 

Writing out my story helped me to recall many times in my life when I felt trapped and unable to find my way out of situations. Yet, I realised that there was always light at the end of the tunnel, I just had to look for the light and keep going.

From reliving these times, I began to see myself with different eyes.

I realised that I can overcome any challenge when I put my mind to it. Even my thoughts about being in the lock-down began to change. Instead of thinking about the negativity that is part of the current situation, I began to see this situation as a chance for me to appreciate the things were important in my life. 

Even though I miss seeing my family face-to-face, I can still talk to them on video chats or by telephone.

Being at home all the time meant that I had extra time to do those little jobs that I kept putting off. It also meant more time to spend on my hobbies. Thinking in this way helped me to change my attitude.

Writing out my life story has opened the door to a freedom that I had not realised that I still had. To be willing to use this lock-down time wisely, helped me to think more positively and to encourage others to do the same.

I don’t know how long this lock-down will last. But I do know that while obeying the lock-down regulations, I will remember the trials and tribulations that I have already experienced throughout my life.

I know that in the end, I will come through the other side of this challenging time a more positive person. 


4 thoughts on “Writing My Story

  1. It’s great that something good has come out of the lockdowns. I myself have found it in me to improve my life despite what’s been going on in my country, and I take this pandemic as a blessing, even though it’s wrecked so many lives around the world. Gotta always see the silver lining, am I right? Anyway, wishing you the best with your journey!


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