Look Around You

Sometimes we need to take a moment to look around us, to see what is really important in our lives.

Most of us strive for better things, a job, a house, maybe more money. We think that by obtaining greater things we will be happier and enjoy life better.

I have been a goal setter all my life and it has become part of who I am.

A few weeks ago it was my birthday, my family organised a lovely lunch at my home. It was a wonderful day filled with love and laughter.

As I sat watching my family and friends around me, I realised that everyone in the room was very special to me. I looked at each person and thought of how each one impacted in my life in their own special way.

I received many lovely birthday cards full of well wishes, flowers, and gifts from friends and family that couldn’t come to visit, as well as those in the room with me.

It was an amazing feeling as I looked around me at all the happy faces singing happy birthday to me. I realised how lucky I was to have the greatest gift of all, the unconditional love of my family and friends.

Since my birthday I have set another goal, to appreciate each person with the love and respect that they deserve.

It is so easy to take people for granted just because they are with us. We tend to forget that time passes and there are no guarantees how long we have to enjoy family and friends.

From here on, I want to make the time we spend together a positive and happy event.

In this busy life we lead, we are caught up with the everyday problems and duties we have to handle. We spend time gathering things to make our lives better. Yet, all the ‘things’ in the world cannot replace quality time spent together.

We all have people in our lives that were important to us but because of our busy lives, we have let time lapse since we last contacted them.

Make that special phone call; send that friendly note or email. The rewards will be great for both of you, but you must do it now.

We are social beings so fill your life with love and laughter, enjoy every moment.  Open your heart to every possibility.

Your life is yours to enjoy, to live every moment to the fullest.

Sometimes we need to take a moment to look around us, to see what is really important in our lives.

Don’t wait for a special occasion. Look around you today.

– Nancy


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