The Way We Think

I read an article recently which stated that we have 60,000 thoughts each day. Most of them are almost exactly the same as the day before. Most of them are negative.

Many of us choose to spend our life worrying about the future, the past or what other people think of us.

Reading that certainly gave me food for thought.

Our brain doesn’t distinguish between real or imaginary. Whatever we imagine to be happening is actually happening as far as our brain is concerned. Our brain accepts what we say and think as a fact.

When we watch a movie that is suspenseful we can feel the tension building up, it is the brain getting us ready for the fight or flight response.

The first steps to changing our life for the better is to look at the way we think as well as what we think about and why we think that way.

The way we think and what we think about influences how we view the world around us as well as our own life.

If we want to change things in our lives, we have to change the way we think as well as what we think about.

A few questions we need to ask ourselves.

  • What things do I mostly think about?
  • Does this way of thinking enhance my life or does it hamper the way I want to live? .
  • What causes me to think in this specific way?
  • Was it something that I was taught or perhaps something I experienced?

Every thought stems from what we believe; these beliefs ultimately define and create who and what we are and the type of life we lead.

Do other people’s opinions influence your reactions to things?                                                

I have often wanted to do or try something different, but I didn’t because of the reaction I got when I shared my thoughts with someone. I later regretted the fact that I allowed their negativity to influence my decision not to pursue what I wanted to do.

I have found that by opening my mind to new ways of thinking and scrapping the things that make me unhappy or discontent, I feel much better in myself.

You have to be totally honest when deciding if you want to make changes for the better.

Decide what is important, what needs be done to achieve it.

Ask yourself these few questions;

  • Am I willing to put the effort in?
  • How will my life be impacted?
  • Am I ready to make the change regardless of what others may think?

Being a more positive person opens the door to countless opportunities at any age.

Change the way we think and live life to the fullest.

I am.

– Nancy




One thought on “The Way We Think

  1. Yes, a positive thought, really does make a difference to the way we feel. we all should aim to think in a positive way to make our world and the world around us a more positive place to live in. Loved this post Nancy!


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