Someone asked me recently what my family was like. This got me thinking and I realised that my family has changed over the years.

Families change through births, marriages, and deaths.

As children, we think everything and everyone in our family is here forever. We take family members for granted a lot of the time, not realising how important they are to us.

There is an old saying that ‘you can choose your friends but you can’t choose your family’. Maybe that is a good thing otherwise we might not be chosen ourselves.

We meet some people along the road of life and they become close friends and part of our family.

At one time a family would usually all live in one town or in the neighbouring town.

Now they live all over the world, which adds to the interesting diversity that families have to offer.

Occupations are also different from the labourer to the white collar business person. Many have different hobbies and sporting interests.

My family has always had a strong bond we are always there for each other and although we sometimes differ in opinions our love holds us together.

So what is my family like? 

Perhaps like plants in a garden; we all belong, but we are all different. Some are like roses while others are like onions.  Each one has their own unique characteristic which makes for an interesting family garden.

At times the garden gets a lot of weeds and things need to be sorted out.

The one thing I understand about my family is that they will continue to grow, and to experience the different things this world has to offer.

As I get older I realise spending time with loved ones is very precious as we never know when that time might be the last time.

I also realise that the older I get the younger the people in my family seem to be. Now that is quite exciting, as there is always something different happening and new things for me to learn.

My family is really special to me.

– Nancy

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