Life is Like a Garden

As every one’s garden is different, so is every one’s life.

We each have a time and a place in which to create whatever we want our special style to be.

‘To plant a garden is to believe in the future.’  Audrey Hepburn

Each garden has different soil, some sandy, rocky, or just poor quality, which needs a lot of work to make it ready to plant. While others have rich and fertile soil, that needs very little attention.

Then comes the decision on what type of garden we want, the plants that we choose to grow in our garden will determine the type of garden it will become.

Will it be a vegetable garden, a flower garden, or maybe a native garden to encourage the birds and the wild life?

The plants need to be watered, weeded and fertilised to produce a healthy garden.

The work and effort we put into our garden will determine the beauty and rewards that we will harvest.

Like the garden plot we all come from different walks of life, some work hard to progress, while others seem to have an easier path to follow,

As the plants in the garden need special care, they all need good soil. We are the soil for our life style, so we need to nurture our health with nutrition and exercise.

The things we want to achieve are like the seeds, they need to be planted with thought and care. The seeds we plant today will develop and become what we will recieve later.

If we allow the weeds to grow they will choke the plants and the garden will no longer be a place of beauty.

So it is in our life, if we allow negative people and negative thoughts to develop, the hopes and dreams are slowly hidden from view.

Be mindful of who you allow to tend your garden, as the wrong people can plant the wrong seeds.  Your garden will not be what you had wanted it to become.

Remember this is also true of our life, allowing ourselves to be influenced by the wrong people, can take away our hopes and dreams for our future.

As we are in charge of our gardens so we must be in charge of our life.

Sometimes what we planted in our garden last season is not what we want this season.

This is often true of our life style, as circumstances in our life changes we see things differently.

We need to open our minds to these changes, this is how we grow and become that special person we were meant to be.

I am reminded of a little verse that I learnt as a child;

‘Our mind is a garden, our thoughts are the seeds.
We can grow flowers or we can grow weeds.’

There are many different gardens, each having their own purpose and each producing their own harvest.

So it is with us, we all have a different purpose in life and we each create the life style that we are willing to work towards.

Life without dreams is like a garden without flowers.

Let us each create a future that will make this world of ours a better place for all.

– Nancy.

One thought on “Life is Like a Garden

  1. This is one of most influential and life-changing articles I ever read. My soul is blessed and I will be serious to tender my garden. Be Blessed!!


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