a helping hand

A Helping Hand

There are times in our lives when we all like to have a helping hand.

There are also many times in our lives when we could have offered a helping hand to others.

Having said that, sometimes offering a helping hand is not a simple or easy thing to do.

Coming from a country town, most people know each other and tend to interact more. They are willing not only to give a helping hand but also to accept one when offered.

My grandmother once told me to never stop doing little things for others, as those little things occupy the biggest part of their hearts.

In highly built-up areas, people are busy doing their own thing and keep to themselves. Although they live in close proximity to each other, they are more or less islands to themselves.

I found that when I moved to the city suburbs people were polite but not very friendly.

A new neighbour was moving in next door to me, so I decided to do what I thought was the neighbourly thing to do and took them in a tray of freshly made scones and a pot of tea.

They looked very surprised as I introduced myself and handed them the tray. Later I was told that they thought I was being a ‘busy body’. This was my first attempt to help and I sadly never repeated that tea and scone offer again.

Since that time, I have come to know some of the people in my street quite well, and while I have offered a helping hand to them, the offer is rarely accepted. They just smile and thank me.

I was speaking to a friend about this subject and it was interesting to hear her opinion. She felt that most people offer a helping hand out of politeness, not really thinking that people will take them up on it, or even want their help.

She remarked that many people say, “If you ever need anything, call me at any time”, not really believing they will!

This surprised me, maybe the genuine offer of a helping hand was going out of fashion!

I wondered how you could genuinely help someone in need if this was what they thought?

I think the answer is when you are in a situation where you can see that people need help, just step up and ask, “How can I help you now?”.

The times in my life when I have been given a helping hand have meant so much to me. It is for this reason, I like to help others. To me, helping is a way of showing that you care. It is important for all of us to feel that we are not alone in the down times of our life.

I also believe that there are times when we need to be strong and not give up, or expect someone else to sort things out for us.

As Audrey Hepburn once said:

“If you ever need a helping hand, it is at the end of your arm.
As you get older, remember you have another hand. The first to help yourself, the second is to help others.”

I truly believe in giving a ‘helping hand’ as well as receiving a ‘helping hand’.


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