when the tank runs dry

When the Tank Runs Dry

This year the weather has been very hot and humid, which seems to drain my energy. It takes away any desire to do anything but relax in a cool, air conditioned room, drinking ice-cold water.

The hot weather is not likely to cool down in the near future, which seems to be putting my life on hold. Although I have made many plans for the next few months, I am just completely without any desire to act on the plans. This not only leaves me feeling hot and tired but also irritable within myself.

This is not something I would normally write about, yet I imagine that many people have felt the way that I do at some time in their life.

Feeling sorry for myself I decided to take action, and write down how I felt.

Having read what I had written, I realised my attitude about the heat was limiting my ability to move positively forward.

I realise that the first step to changing any situation, is to be aware that there is a situation.

The second step is an even bigger step, to do something about it! So I decided it was time to do something to change, perhaps not the weather,  but certainly my attitude to it.

Using the air conditioning, I concentrated on things to get the ball rolling. Then, as I decided on my next plan of action, my thoughts shifted from the heat and my energy levels slowly started to increase.  Doing this made me aware that I still had more juice in my tank.

My sister and I are going to Tasmania for a few weeks shortly,  and although I was still affected by the heat, focusing my attention on the trip seemed to make the hot weather more tolerable.

I realised that there was a lesson to be learnt by this experience. What we focus on is what controls us, not only our thoughts, but also our attitude to life.

I had focused on the heat and the fact that I didn’t feel like doing anything, which sapped my energy, leaving me feeling that there was nothing I could do about it. It was my thoughts – not the heat – that had drained my tank.

I wonder how many times in our life we drain our own tanks?

I realise that my life has always been an endless series of choices, for which I have always taken responsibility for.

So I made a choice to stop concentrating on the heat, or my age. It was my attitude that I needed to change.

By the way, it is still very hot, but I am too busy now to dwell on it.


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