worried about cataracts? read this first

The Eyes Have It

How precious are our eyes?

If you or someone your love suffers with cataracts but keep putting off doing anything about it, then this post is for you.

I have worn glasses for a number of years, and I have eye tests every two to three years.

This year when I went for my eye test, at age 83, I was told that I had cataracts and that I needed to see an Ophthalmologist to have the cataracts removed.

Knowing very little about cataracts, I thought it was a clouding skin that formed over the eye and could be removed leaving the eye free of the cataract.

Like rolling the clouds away on a dull day.

The doctor told me that it would be a day surgery and he would remove the lens and replace it with an artificial lens. This surprised me and I asked him why he was replacing the lens in my eyes? Didn’t I just need the cataracts be removed?

The doctor smiled and assured me that many people thought the same as I did. He then explained to me that a cataract is a clouding of the eye’s natural lens, which lies behind the iris and the pupil. The lens in a person’s eyes works much like a camera lens. It focuses light onto the retina at the back of the eye. Therefore, the lens with the cataract is removed.

I was a little nervous about the operation which I had two weeks later.

I was worried that during the operation that I would somehow be able to see what was happening. That scared me.

However, during the operation, I discovered that my right eye was covered while my left eye was being operated on and I couldn’t see what was happening at all. This was a big relief for me.

There was no pain and I was able to return to my home that afternoon, with the eye covered.

The next day I went to the surgery and the eye was uncovered and the doctor said that everything was great. I have three different drops to put in my eye four times a day, for the following weeks.

Three weeks later I had the right eye’s cataract removed. I felt at ease having the second operation, as I understood what was going to be done. I knew that my eyesight would be much improved.

Today, at age 83, I don’t need glasses any more.

The thing that surprised me the most is the differences in colour, things that once had a yellowish hue was gone.

The colours all around me seem deeper, more beautiful and my eyesight is a better now that the cataracts are removed.

It is as if the clouds have been rolled away and I can see the true beauty that surrounds me.

So my friends, if you have been thinking about having cataracts removed, and you are worried about the procedure, don’t hesitate. It is painless and well worth the time it takes to recover.

Remove the clouds from your eyes and look at the world around you with a clear vision.

– Nancy.

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