Looking Better

As last year was drawing to the end once again, I started to think about making some new year resolutions.

I decided to look back at the first blog I wrote on the 1st of January 2017.

I wanted that year to be different from past years, and I thought about the changes that I wanted to make.

Previously I made a list of all the things I wanted to achieve, and wrote them down in my new diary.

Looking back I did achieve many of the things, I was positive and achieved a lot of my plans for that year.

I realised that to be best in whatever I attempted, was putting stress and pressure on me rather than making me feel good about what I was achieving.

We all have times when things don’t go as planned, but my attitude changed during the end of 2019.

My grandson read a book called Finite and Infinite Games from the author Simon Sinek.

He told me how this book had changed his attitude to life and he read these few lines from the book to me.

“Infinite minded leaders understand that the ‘best’ is not a permanent state. Instead, they strive to be better.

This idea had an impact on my thinking. I have always tried to be the best at what I do. But I realised, that deep down in my core, all I ever wanted and prayed for was to do and be better.

This year, 2020 I want to do better and be more positive, instead of always working to be the best at what I do.

My new year resolution this year and the years ahead is simply to be a better person and to be better each day than I was the day before.

Simply to improve each day in what I do, and to be a better person than I was yesterday.

This different attitude is taking away all the stress and pressure that I felt before, I feel more confident in myself.

Being the best lasts only for a while, but the wonderful thing is that one can keep getting better all the time.

We are in the second month of the new year, and the world is changing around us. Let us make this world a better place.

May your life be free from stress and pressure and improve for the better each day.

– Nancy

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