The Way We Look at Life

We all live busy lives centred on our place of work, family and friends.

That seems to be the way things have always been.

Yet, how often do we hear people say “Life is not what it used to be!”

I have heard many older people talk about when they were younger. They do so with a sense of nostalgia. They look back and talk about the good memories with old friends. Usually starting the conversation with “I remember when…”

“We didn’t have all these modern cons that people have today.”

Looking back to my grandparent’s time, it is true they didn’t have automatic washers, clothes dryers and dishwashers to make life easier. They didn’t have air-conditioned cars, television, computers, or mobile phones. The working conditions were not easy or even in some cases not very safe.

Now that I am older, I realise that if you do not keep up with the times, life can become a little overwhelming.

Many elderly people never learn to use some of the modern conveniences availanble to them. They feel that they can’t keep up with the ever changing world that surrounds them.

I believe the reason they have such fond memories of the past, is that was a time when they felt more secure within themselves.

We can learn a lot from listening to the stories of the times past. It is important to stop and take stock of the way we look at life. Yet, I believe we must learn to keep up with what is happening now.

As new technologies and ways of living are developed we need to learn about them and if necessary embrace them into our way of life. We live in a changing world, and we must be willing to change to live in it.

As older people, I believe that we need to listen to the younger generation. We can still  respect and admire the experiences of the older generation, but the younger generations help to keep our minds open.

Understanding that wisdom comes from life’s experiences, we can learn from our parents and grandparents. As well as fulfilling a desire in them to be needed and appreciated.

I too have fond memories to look back on, special moments with family and friends.  Fun things I did.  Important life lessons I learnt. Those times have gone, along with some of the people that helped create them. Yet they live on as a special part of who I am and who I have become.

When I was young my grandparents taught me. Today my grandchildren teach me.  Amazing how times change.

As we educate both the young and the elderly how to enhance their lives by understanding the benefits of modern technology, it makes for a better world for us all.

Life that is filled with listening and learning is a life that can be lived to the fullest. Learning new skills can be daunting but it is also very exciting.

The only limits we have in this life are the ones we create.

We choose our focus of attention from the vast events of life’s experiences. Though we might not determine all the events in our lives, we have the power to determine our reaction to them.

Why not inspire ourselves to move forward rather than scare ourselves through fear to hold back?

True freedom lies in a conscious willingness to face challenges head on. To live an interesting life we need to live with unlimited possibilities rather than consistency.

The way we look at life is entirely up to us.

– Nancy

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