Actions speak louder than words

Sitting in an outdoor area of a local restaurant I watched two ladies with their small children eating their lunch.

Suddenly one of the children started to cry and wave her arms around. One of the mothers started to panic and wave her arms around as well, the other mother asked what the problem was.

“It’s a bee, it’s a bee! My daughter is allergic to bee stings.” shouted the woman.

Then both of them started shouting and trying to shoo the bee away, the children were crying and the waitress came out and asked what the problem was. Both mothers were shouting at the waitress, who calmly asked them to be seated.

The waitress then caught the bee in a damp cloth that she had with her and reassured everyone that they were ok. It was all over in a few moments.

I thought about the different actions to that bee problem, and how often in life we overreact to situations or problems that happen?

I know that many times I have looked at the problem instead of taking time to look at the solution.

I thought about the calmness of the waitress, as she listened to the situation and quietly removed the problem as well as reassuring the dinners.

It is said that actions speak louder than words, which certainly was the case in this incident.

We all have aspirations for things we want to do, we write them down, and we enthusiastically tell our family and friends about them. If these aspirations are never acted on they just fade away.

(Idle words fall like Autumn leaves)

We need to take steps to make our aspirations a reality as what one does is more important than what one says.

It gives us a sense of purpose as we see our efforts coming to fulfillment.

When we are judged on what we do rather than what we say. It opens new avenues for us to explore and grow as individuals.

Like the waitress, who looked at the situation and acted on it.

People are more impressed with our sincerity if we act on our aspirations than if we merely talk about them.

– Nancy

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