Working to live

We all work at something. It is important that we enjoy what we do, that we work at living, not just living to work.

I think of myself as a fairly positive person; I understand the importance of keeping one’s mind active. I also work with my hands doing crafts and other things to keep my hands and fingers supple.

Yet when it comes to exercising, I am afraid that I fall short.

Although I am aware of the importance of keeping fit, I keep putting it off with excuses like ‘it’s too hot’, ‘my feet are swollen’, or ‘I’ll start tomorrow’. The list goes on.

I realised that my attitude towards fitness was the problem.  I thought of it as a chore, it was not something that I enjoyed. Because I am out of condition it takes an effort to get kick-started.

To make sure I did some exercise I needed a purpose, something to work towards.

My daughter is getting married in three months’ time, and that was the purpose I was searching for. I needed to be physically fitter and to shed a bit of weight. All I had to do now was to work out a routine that I could stick to and do the type of exercise that motivates me.

Changing my focus and attitude to exercise worked out well for me. I started a daily routine each morning of 10 minutes on an exercise bike.

I have decided that from now on when I think of doing something I will ask myself ….

“Do I want to do it and what the benefits of doing it will be?”
“How can I make it an enjoyable thing to do?”

Then, I will get on with having a positive ‘work at living’ attitude.

The next time someone says “you should…” think about it and ask yourself do you really want to do what they suggest. If the answer is not really, just tell them that it is not for you.

Life is all about making plans and doing things that we feel good about.  It is far too short to waste our time and energy working on mundane things

Your plans, your hopes, and your dreams: put them out there and it is amazing what will come back to you.

Life is to be lived to the fullest if we are happy we tend to make those around us happy as well.

Enjoy each day and start working to live.

– Nancy

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