Looking Back through Life’s Chapters.

Looking back on my life is like reading a book for the second time. We know all the characters, yet when we look back at our self we realise how much we have changed over the time.

We remember the fun we had and all the exciting adventures we went on. Of course we also remember the things that got us in a spot of trouble, I think there was always a lesson to learn from those times.

Each phase of our life is like a new chapter in a book, some chapters are sad while others are filled with happy memories. Our most exciting times stay with us always.

As we grow older we realise what things are important to us, and we learn to value these things. We also learn to appreciate the people in our lives, some people are with us most of our lives while others come and go. Each person leaves a lesson for us to remember, whether it is to never do what they did or to follow their way of doing things.

I have changed so much over the time, which has changed my personality and I hope has made me a more understanding person.

I have learnt a lot of life’s lessons, some were hard lessons that caused me a lot of pain and changed my way of thinking. While others were just part of everyday living.

Each chapter has its own special memories that have made my life worth living and was important in taking me in the direction I was meant to go.

Too often in our life we dwell on the present moment, caught up in the problem at hand instead of looking for the solution. This inhibits us from moving forward, and causes us to sometimes overestimate the problem.

If we take time to look back at past experiences we can sometimes realise that we have been in worse situations and we have come through with flying colours. This enables us to look at things differently and move on.

As we get older many of us find it difficult to move on because of our inability to let go of the way things were.

This need not be a problem, as long as we remember that as things happened in our life we are looking back at just another chapter of our life.

Every single experience that has happened in our life was for a reason, and it is all part of what we are yet to become.

So look back at each chapter in our life as it is a celebration of our life so far.

Remember, if we never turn the page in our book of life we will never know what the next chapter brings.


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