A Day at a Time

Too much to do, so many choices to make and no time to do it!
Sound familiar?

Being overwhelmed is when you feel as if you are unable to cope with the circumstances around you. Your brain seems unable to take in all that is happening, and you can’t focus on things clearly.

Have you ever felt completely overwhelmed with everything?
I know that I have.

This can push us out of our comfort zone, we feel as if we are losing control and negativity seems to crowd all we say and do.

When this happens to me, I have to take time out to look at what is important and start to look at each situation a day at a time.

I try to look at what is happening as if it was happening to someone else. I begin to look at the situation as if I was going to advise a friend.

For me, this tends to relieve the personal and emotional attachments to a degree so that I can focus on the solution and not the problem.

I usually take a pen and paper and sit in a quiet place and write down everything I feel I need to do regardless of how small the task. This helps me to look at the situation objectively.

Quite often we take on too much. Sometimes we have to learn to say no. This doesn’t mean that we don’t care, just that we need to be aware of what is truly important to us.

Saying ‘yes’ to many unimportant things can leave us caught up and unable to spend time with the things that matter to us.

What is important to me?
Do I enjoy doing these things?

We need to re-evaluate, to think before we except additional responsibilities.

We also need to delegate by allowing others to help us is a way to involve them in what we are doing. So that they can understand that there are times when our personal commitments must take priority.

We only get one short life.
Take time out to enjoy it, a day at a time.

– Nancy.

One thought on “A Day at a Time

  1. Great post ! I often feel overwhelmed and feel exhausted afterwards. I am currently struggling with anxiety which has been scary. But I’ve managed to cope with it . Thanks for sharing .


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