A Wake Up Call.

Sometimes we take ourselves for granted, never thinking of the consequences of not looking after ourselves.

I thought by keeping my mind active and open to new ideas I was keeping myself up to date with the changing world around me.

My physical body also depends on activity to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Then it happened, a wake up call; a situation that brought an issue to my immediate attention.

I was taken to hospital by ambulance and because I am over 80 years old, I was placed in a geriatric ward.

Being with patients around my own age had a surprising effect on me. It seemed as if their interest in the life around them didn’t seem to matter anymore. It seemed as if they had accepted their present situation for what it was. I felt sorry for them.

Many of them relied on what was done for them and had given up on trying to maintain their independence.

Even though I was very sick I realised that if I didn’t start to act differently, I was heading down the same road.

I am not as physically active as I could be, I need to exercise this body of mine to maintain my physical strength.

In the past I have said I’ll go for a walk but I just don’t get around to it.

As I looked around at the other patients I realised that I will end up like them, if I don’t do something about it now.

This was my wake up call.

I am out of hospital now and feeling much better. Having been in that ward has made me realise that I need to change the way I think of myself and time to take responsibility to be the best person both physically as well as mentally that I can be.

I needed to have that wake up call, it changed my way of thinking and that is why I am writing this blog.

In the hope that you like me, will also understand that what we do today will impact on us tomorrow.


2 thoughts on “A Wake Up Call.

  1. Yes, a good mind with a body that can’t support it is no fun. Good to hear you are working on your fitness too💪😀


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